The Collective

Our Mission

The preservation of the life, work, voice and ideas of one of the most influential and dedicated independent political activists of Britain and the Caribbean by:


  • Ensuring the dissemination of his radical legacy, to future generations, of  his fight for social change and his dedication to the self-organisation of those fighting against  discrimination.
  • Preserving for posterity the archive of his writings, his television programmes, his political interventions and innovative thought.
  • Collaborating with educational institutions to introduce and include in their curricula his historical contribution to contemporary Britain and the Caribbean.
  • Providing collaborative links with, and inspiration for, community organisations, activists, media platforms and self-organising black, ethnic and minority groups for the achievement of social justice.


Our Members


Leila Howe                     Tamara Howe                Robin Bunce              Farrukh Dhondy


Margaret Peacock   Claudius Hillman         Michael Cadette           Paul Field

Deidre Osbourne