The Collective

Our Mission

The preservation of the life, work, voice and ideas of one of the most influential and dedicated independent political activists of Britain and the Caribbean by:


  • Ensuring the dissemination of his radical legacy, to future generations, of  his fight for social change and his dedication to the self-organisation of those fighting against  discrimination.
  • Preserving for posterity the archive of his writings, his television programmes, his political interventions and innovative thought.
  • Collaborating with educational institutions to introduce and include in their curricula his historical contribution to contemporary Britain and the Caribbean.
  • Providing collaborative links with, and inspiration for, community organisations, activists, media platforms and self-organising black, ethnic and minority groups for the achievement of social justice.


Our Members


Leila Howe                     Tamara Howe                Robin Bunce              Farrukh Dhondy


Margaret Peacock   Claudius Hillman         Michael Cadette            Deirdre Osborne